In the area – Summer

This summer, we have everything you need to make your stay memorable. Discover without waiting the various activities offered on-site at the Pourvoirie du Cap au Leste.



Do not miss a cruise on the fjord with the “Marjoram II” since departures are so close to us in Sainte-Rose-du-Nord. Admire the beauty of the Fjord in the company of an experienced guide who will bring life to this 3 hour cruise. A snack bar is available on board.


Cap Jaseux

In Cap Jaseux, less than half hour drive from the Pourvoirie, is one of the biggest and most impressive tree climbing course in Québec: “Fjord Trees”. The course has more than 70 fixed platforms on trees while qualified instructors supervise your activity. Equipment is provided on site.


of the Monts-Valin

A ½ hour drive from the lodge, this giant rock formation offers a stunning panorama and activities such as hiking, canoe ride and sport fishing are available. Located in an exceptional environment, the National Park of Mont Valin undoubtedly remains a place to discover.



The Pourvoirie du Cap Au Leste is 1h30 drive from Tadoussac, mythical place known for its world-class whale watching. From late May to mid-November, zodiac and boat cruises take you around the water for a close encounter with the whales. Reservations can be made at the reception desk.



At 2h15 from the Cap Au Leste, the St-Felicien wild zoo is one of the leading touristic destination in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. 80 species of animals living freely in large natural habitats. By its harmonious integration in a wild nature, the zoo is an example recognized in North America for outstanding contributions to the preservation and conservation of the boreal biodiversity through its educational, scientific and recreational activities.



The historic village of Val-Jalbert brings you back to the opening of a pulp mill and the hope it brought to the region from 1901 until its closure in 1927. This former industrial village is not a reconstruction, but an authentic company town. You will be filled with the spirit of this enigmatic place through forty original buildings, meetings with engaging characters and animated gatherings.