In the area – Winter

This winter, the activities offered in the region will open your eyes to new horizons.

Park of the Monts-Valin

Racket ghost Valley

This “sleeping giant” rock formation with an eventful past offers a stunning panorama where snowshoeing and cross country skiing await you. Located in an exceptional environment, the Parc national des Monts-Valin remains a place to discover especially for its “Valley of Ghosts”.


Downhill skiing

One of only two Quebec ski resorts to offer a 100% natural snow, the Valinouet is a gem to discover in the heart of the Monts-Valin. With 27 slopes on both sides, its magical landscapes and alpine village, it has everything to meet the needs of the most demanding skiers.


Wildlife observation center

This center helps injured and orphaned wild animals. They have also brought in a diverse array of species that people can go observe in their natural habitat (black bears, moose, raccoon, lynx, wolves). Come pet the newborn tigers and lions in the nursery!


Éternel Spa

L’Eternal Spa is a Scandinavian spa located in the mountains 1 hour drive from the Cap Au Leste. Lovers of nature and relaxation will be delighted by the Eternal Spa. The hot pools and cold water of their Nordic spa is located near a natural river in a scenery encouraging relaxation.



Discover a winter zoo where animals wear their beautiful fur and enjoy the sunshine. The snowy scenery will enchant you and the cozy atmosphere of the site will delight you. You will observe 80 species of animals living freely in large natural areas. By its harmonious integration in wild nature, the St-Félicien Zoo is an example recognized in North America for outstanding contributions to the preservation and conservation of the boreal forest biodiversity.